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Shelties Available from Arizona Sheltie Breeders who actively show in Conformation

Soliare Shelties has a handsome young tricolor male available. Wheeler is 7 months old and just over 16 inches at the shoulder. He is ready for his new home and his very own person or family to love. If you are interested in Wheeler, please contact Suzanne at soliare@cableone.net for more information.

Sterling Shelties also has a tricolor male available who has just crept over show size. This boy is about a year old. Tri boys are very precious partly because it is just so hard to get one as nice as this that stays in show size. If you would like to give this boy love and attention as a member of your family, please contact Peggy at sterlingshelties@gmail.com for more information.

Bo-Kee Shelties has young sable male puppies available soon. They have beautiful full white collars. There may be a show prospect or a companion. Additionally, two sable girls may be available if the perfect home comes along. These girls are 2 - 3 years old. They have been microchipped and bark softened. These girls have testing done, including hips, eyes, and some genetic testing. They are around 15 inches at the shoulder, give or take half an inch. Please contact Eunice at ebokee@q.com for information and prices about these Shelties.

Horizon Shelties will have sable and white male available in the next month or two. This little fellow is currently four weeks old. Will he be a show potential or companion? Contact Deb at horizonsheltie@gmail.com to find out.

Shelties Available from Mid-Arizona Sheltie Rescue

If you are interested in owning an adult or special needs Sheltie, please contact Janell at jshenell@earthlink.net for information about Sheltie Rescue.

Wildwest Companions or Show Prospects - Puppies & Adults

I do not have any puppies available to companion homes. If you are interested in a show prospect, please Contact me. If you would like to be on my waiting list for a companion in 2018, please Contact me. If you are interested in the conformation world and seek a show prospect, I expect to have some to place this year. Contact me. If you are interested in a performance prospect, please feel free to contact me. Whatever you are looking for, please tell me a bit about why you want a Sheltie, if you have had one before, a bit about what you are looking for in a Sheltie (color, sex, temperament), and family members (human and animal. Thanks!

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Wildwest companion puppies are only placed into an approved home on limited registration no earlier than one week after a vet exam and their first vaccines. Companion puppies are $1,200, which includes AKC registration to you. When you provide me proof of spay/neuter (done no earlier than when the puppy is 8 months old), I will return to you $60 of your purchase price.

Wildwest show puppies are only placed into an approved home no earlier than ten weeks old and after a vet exam and their first vaccines. Show puppies are $1,800, which includes AKC registration to you with me as co-owner until the terms of sale are complete. If I deem a puppy conformation potential, there is a great likelihood that I will want to see those genese continue in my own line. Therefore, terms are as follows: Dogs will be co-owned until a championship title is attained and three breedings to bitches that I own or lease result in litters. If owner is inexperienced in breeding, the dog may be required to stand at stud at Wildwest Shelties for the breedings. Bitches will be co-owned until a championship title is attained and I recieve first pick puppy from a breeding with stud of my choice (I will split stud fee and shipping expenses if needed). If a show puppy does not turn out as expected and/or owner does not want the dog, I have first right of refusal (at original purchase price). Should I decide not to a buy back the dog, I will sign off once the dog or bitch is neutered/spayed. If I have an opening, I will gladly handle your dog in the ring at no charge. If by the time the dog is three years old and he or she is not yet pointed, I will want to handle the dog for a few shows when he or she is in coat to see if perhaps a more experienced handler is needed. I do not charge for this; however, you will be responsible for entry fees.

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Because I love Shetland Sheepdogs and want your Wildwest Sheltie to bring you (and me!) years of enjoyment and love, I carefully choose the dogs I breed to stack the deck in producing beautiful, healthy puppies with loving temperaments. I spend hours with each puppy introducing them to the joy of being cuddled, being groomed, and being loved. Before leaving, every Wildwest Sheltie receives a vet check-up and age-appropriate shots. I want to know before placement that a canine healthcare professional hears a healthy heart and that every other aspect of your future companion feels and looks good. I stand behind my dogs because I know the care that has gone into producing each Wildwest Sheltie. I am not producing dogs just to sell, I am producing them for my own enjoyment as well.

My purpose in breeding is to produce beautiful, healthy, Shetland Sheepdogs that are sound in body and mind, and that can win in the conformation ring, or in agility, or at herding with the proper training. Not every Sheltie has the temperament, structure, and other qualities required for these pursuits. Shelties are a tough breed so often the majority of a litter is deemed companion quality. This could be for what you'd think is a minor flaw, but in order for my line to be and to protect the Shetland Sheepdog for the future a puppy must be very promising to be considered as a potential for the show ring and the genetic future of Shelties.

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