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This is where the dreams of the future become plans for success.


  • None at this time.
  • FUTURE PLANS (Sometimes plans do not turn out quite as hoped so we will see what really happens.). I hope to have a litter born in the FALL/Winter 2017. I am not sure which girl will be bred, but following are the options at this point. The first two to come in season will be bred and the other two skipped for their next season so this list represents litters for Fall/Winter 2017 and Spring/Summer 2018. Honestly, I am super-excited about each and every breeding listed below. I think there is loads of potential for some outstanding show dogs and super nice companions. If you have thought about showing dogs and are in Arizona, I am very open to working with someone to help them get started in this fun, frustrating, wonderful and also heartbreaking sport and hobby. Showing and breeding is not for wimps! Lol

  • Aria to ???. Aria will be bred when she comes in season, probably in November or December. I ended up skipping her Summer season because our temperatures were too high to ship and the boy I have in mind for her lives out of state. I would be happy to place a nice show potential into a local home that is interested in showing AND in having a loving companion as well. Aria has an outstanding temperament and I expect some beautiful and sweet puppies from this breeding. In order to determine the very best from the litter, I may grow out a few for a few months. Other picks may be available to show homes eventually. This litter has the potential for all the AOAC colors -- tri, bi, blues.
  • Shimmer to ... not sure yet but I bought Gotcha for Shimmer so it will very likely be him. I anticipate that she may have a litte in 2018. Gotcha is definitely wanting it to be sooner rather than later. Lol.
  • Winter to Gotcha. I bought Winter specifically for Gotcha and as it turns out they have a fun little friendship going so I would say this breeding was meant to be. At least that is what Gotcha says! Lol. I think Winter will be in season sometime in early 2018. She will be bred at that time (she comes in once a year). I am really hoping for a spectacular blue boy from this breeding so may end up with a bunch of black girls. LOL.
  • Libby to ???. Libby is a special girl who needs just the right boy. And that boy needs to come to me for a visit or be one of my own boys who I think will work with her. I love Gotcha, but I am not sure he is right for Libby. So for now, there are no plans to breed her in the near future. I need to keep a control on my wallet cuz every now and then I see a blue boy I want to buy for her, but that can be so dang expensive!
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    Here are some pics of our yard. There is lots of shade. The pens have toys and obstacles in them when we have puppies.

    Suri enjoying the cool shade.

    Shimmer outside the larger pen. I have Trex decking in this pen --easy to clean, lasts forever.

    I have some outdoor furniture outside the larger pen. If we are out at mid-day we will put up an umbrella. You can see here that even at noon, the pen still has shady spots.

    Our smaller pen with concrete tiles and gravel in the middle. I use this pen for puppies the first week they are out. And that is Shimmer heading into the pen, Aria next to her, naked Libbie under the branch and a peak of Reina at the very bottom of the photo.

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