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Welcome to Wildwest Shelties

Wildwest Shelties is a very small kennel in Arizona.  Well, "kennel" might be stretching it.  The dogs here are part of my family.  My dogs live with me -- they spend time in the house with me, lounging on the couch or hanging out in the kitchen while I am cooking in hopes that I will drop something.

My goal in Shelties is to (1) Enjoy them! (2) be a part of preserving this wonderful breed by working to produce Shelties that are healthy, smart, loving, fun, sound and beautiful (phew! that is a lot!); and (3) encourage others in caring for their Shelties because a Sheltie trained to have manners and who eats right and the right weight with nails not too long, and coat in good condition is a happy Sheltie!

I love Shelties and I'm happy to hear from folks who love Shelties.  If you have a Sheltie and need some help with something, I'll try to help.  If you are looking for a Sheltie and I don't have one that suits your fancy, I'd be happy to refer to someone else that might.  I'm not here just to make a sale, I'm here to help you with your Shelties whether or not you own or are buying a Wildwest Sheltie.  Why?  Because I'm kinda crazy about Shelties.  I hope you are too!


Laura R. Willson, Wildwest Shelties, is the breeder of:

  • AKC Grand and Canadian Champion Wildwest Freedom Trail Shown exclusively from the bred-by class.
  • Champion Wildwest Nouveau Flamenco (4 grand champion majors).  Breeder/owner-handled.
  • AKC & Canadian Champion Wildwest Don Juan de Salsa.  All points from the bred-by exhibitor class, including two specialty majors
  • AKC Grand Champion & Canadian Champion Wildwest Bandito Incognito RA CD PT.  Breeder/owner-handled to AKC Champion and PT.  Grand Champion, RA & CD by owner Bethanie O'Brien.
  • AKC Grand Champion & Canadian Champion Shelgrande Livin' La Vida Loca.  Co-bred with Rex & Corinne Rainsforth.  All but two AKC Champion points were achieved with Laura R Willson handling, including a specialty win.  Handled to final grand champion points by Laura R. Willson.
  • Canadian Champion Wildwest Besos de Shelgrande, AKC ptd.  Co-bred with Rex & Corinne Rainsforth.
  • Wildwest A Distant Shimmer, AKC pts.
  • MACH Wildwest Giddyup Cowgirl MXB MJG MXP MJP MXF. Loved and trained by Debbie Ediger.
  • Wildwest Smooth Jazz, AKC pts, including a Best of Breed.
  • Wildwest Little Ruffian OAP OJP & her sister Wildwest Sweet Sauce NJP.   Loved and trained by Debbie Ediger 
  • Lacewood Yvoire HSAd AX AXJ, AKC points.  Co-bred with Tricia Harris.  Loved and trained by the deKeiffers of Halcyon Shelties.

Here are some of the other Shelties I have owned and loved

  • Can Ch Shelgrande's Chiquita Bandita ROMC, 4 AKC Champions, both AKC majors.  This little girl was such a charmer, a great producer, and a great ambassador for the breed.  If I had managed her show career she would've finished her AKC Championship.
  • Can Ch Sunnyvale Diamonds in the Sky, AKC points.  Ariel taught me what a clean head is.  Lovely, sweet girl. Ariel was bred by Beki Vale & Francois Blachere.
  • Can Ch Wildwest Ole de Shelgrande, AKC points.  Ole knew how to get around the ring.  The girl could move!  Bred by Beki Vale and Rex & Corinne Rainsforth.
  • UKC Ch Lacewood Midnight in Paris, AKC points. A fun and loving girl, her wonderful temperament carries on through Wildwest Freedom Trail and his youngsters. Bred by Tricia Harris.

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Phone:  928.899.2059



Boston is now an AKC Grand Champion and Shimmer picked up her first major. Many thanks to Joyce Vanek at the Kachina KC shows!

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