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Welcome to Wildwest Shelties

Wildwest Shelties is a very small kennel in Arizona.  Well, "kennel" might be stretching it.  The dogs here are part of my family.  My dogs live with me -- they spend time in the house with me, lounging on the couch or hanging out in the kitchen while I am cooking in hopes that I will drop something.

My goal in Shelties is to (1) Enjoy them! (2) be a part of preserving this wonderful breed by working to produce Shelties that are healthy, smart, loving and fun; and (3) enjoy them some more!



I love Shelties and I'm happy to hear from folks who love Shelties.  If you have a Sheltie and need some help with something, I'll try to help.  If you are looking for a Sheltie and I don't have one that suits your fancy, I'd be happy to refer to someone else that might.  I'm not here just to make a sale, I'm here to help you with your Shelties whether or not you own or are buying a Wildwest Sheltie.  Why?  Because I'm kinda crazy about Shelties.  I hope you are too!


Breeder of

  • Am/Can Ch Wildwest Bandito Incognito PT RA CD (owner/breeder handled to AKC Championship and PT except for two minor points; RA and CD by Bethanie O'Brien)

  • Am/Can Ch Wildwest Don Juan de Salsa (owner/breeder handled to AKC Championship from BBE, including 2 specialty majors)

  • Am/Can Ch Shelgrande's Livin' La Vida Loca (breeder handled to AKC Championship including specialty win except for two minor points; co-bred with Shelgrande Shelties' Corinne & Rex Rainsforth)

  • Can Ch Wildwest Besos de Shelgrande (AKC ptd, owner/breeder handled to AKC points; co-bred with Shelgrande Shelties' Corinne & Rex Rainsforth)

  • Ch Wildwest Nouveau Flamenco (owner/breeder handled to AKC Championship and grand champion points)

  • MACH Giddyup Cowgirl MXB MJG MJP MXF (owned, trained, and handled by Debbie Ediger)

  • Wildwest Little Ruffian NAP NJP (owned, trained and handled by Debbie Ediger)

  • Lacewood Yvoire, AKC pts (owned, handled and loved by the DeKieffers; co-bred with Tricia Harris)


Other Shelties I've owned and put points on include

  • Can Ch Shelgrande's Chiquita Bandita ROMC (4 AKC Champions produced, she herself accumulated 12 points including both majors; bred by Rex & Corinne Rainsforth)

  • Can Ch Wildwest Ole De Shelgrande (by Am/Can Ch Wildwest Don Juan de Salsa; bred by Beki Vale (Sunnyvale) and Corinne Rainsforth (Shelgrande))

  • Lacewood Midnight in Paris (bred by Tricia Harris)


I have presented a number of Shelties for others in pursuit of their championship, picking up majors, breeds, and a group placement or two.



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Phone:  928.899.2059



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See Available page for Show Prospect - a beautiful blue merle female